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[UPDATED] Nikon Still Focuses On DSLR And Not Caring Mirrorless System

Nikon to focus on DSLR and still overlook the importance of the mirrorless market. According to Nikon, DSLR will still be there for the advantage of the features for the professional. This is revealed in the interviews with Nikon managers Jaspers by Amateur Photographer. The Nikon representative said that we should not underestimate the Nikon 1 system. Why? Because the series is apparently quite popular and Nikon have not been able to meet all requests for Nikon 1 V3.

He also confirmed that Mirrorless system is still on a very small scale compared to the size of the global market of digital cameras. DSLR cameras offer advantages over mirrorless or other compact cameras in terms of AF speed, tracking and ‘reliability of the life cycle’.

I do not know whether the decision is right Nikon. Canon, their strongest competitor in the DSLR market, is considering the new mounting for cameras Mirrorless system. In many ways it is still a very strong DSLR, but no system in terms of technology lasting forever, because it must be replaced with something better. Hopefully Nikon is not too late for that.


It is slightly different than the above news, Toshiaki Akagi (Department Manager in Nikon’s 1 Designing Department) gave us hope to seriously work on Nikon mirrorless camera in the near future. He said:

We know that there is a certain body of demand for larger sensors in mirrorless products. Although we already have the 1 inch sensor in the 1 System, we don’t want to deny the possibility of future large-sensor mirrorless cameras. So maybe if there is enough demand we may be able to provide another type of mirrorless camera with larger sensors. This is one of the solutions.”

More points from the interview:

  • 4k video recording is coming to DSLR lineup
  • We can expect some new DX lenses
  • Nikon is still studying the demand for a D300s successor and D3X replacement  (D4s body with a high MP sensor)

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