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[Press Release] Kamera Terbaru Ricoh WG-30W, Kompak Tahan Banting Dengan Wi-Fi

Ricoh WG-30W, Image Credit : Ricoh
Ricoh WG-30W, Image Credit : Ricoh

Ricoh telah mengumumkan kamera terbaru mereka yaitu Ricoh WG-30W dan Ricoh WG-30, menambah lineup kamera kompak yang tahan banting. Ricoh WG-30W menyediakan konektivitas Wi-Fi sementara yang WG-30 tanpa Wi-Fi, selain itu kedua kamera sama identik.

Ricoh WG-30W bersensor 16MP BSI CMOS, tahan air hingga kedalaman 12m, shockproof dari ketinggian 1.5m, crushproof oleh beban seberat 100kgf dan Coldproof hingga suhu -10C. Selain itu terdapat layar LCD 2,7 inci dengan resolusi yang tidak begitu tinggi yaitu 230K titik, juga fitur merekam video HD 1080 / 30p. WG-30W akan tersedia pada bulan Desember di Amerika dan Eropa dengan harga USD $299,95.

Spesifikasi Ricoh WG-30W

  • Sensor backlit 1 / 2.3 ” 16-megapixel
  • layar LCD 2,7 ” dengan 230K titik
  • Lensa zoom 5-25mm (eqv 18-140mm.) F3.5-5.5
  • Mode makro 1cm dengan dedicated lampu LED
  • Waterproof (12m), Coldproof (-10 ° C), shockproof dan crushproof
  • Video Full-HD di 30fps, video 720p pada 60fps

Gambar Ricoh WG-30W

Ricoh WG-30W + Monopod, Image Credit : Ricoh
Ricoh WG-30W + Monopod, Image Credit : Ricoh
Ricoh WG-30W (Atas), Image Credit : Ricoh
Ricoh WG-30W (Atas), Image Credit : Ricoh
Ricoh WG-30W (Belakang), Image Credit : Ricoh
Ricoh WG-30W (Belakang), Image Credit : Ricoh

Press Release Ricoh WG-30W

Meet the RICOH WG-30 and RICOH WG-30W

The latest digital compact cameras for underwater photography, including a Wi-Fi-compatible model with smartphone-support functions

Looking for the perfect underwater camera, or rugged model to help capture your next adventure? Then look no further than the RICOH WG-30 and WG-30W, the latest digital compact cameras to join the WG-series from RICOH IMAGING UK, LTD. Boasting an array of advanced features these compact, lightweight cameras with waterproof bodies are able to hold their own in the field, ensuring you are free to capture every moment through high-quality images and Full HD movies.

Both the RICOH WG-30 and WG-30W deliver outstanding durability under demanding conditions – including being waterproof to a depth of 12 metres, shockproof against falls from 1.5 metres, and freeze-proof to temperatures as low as -10°C.

Better still, the RICOH WG-30W, available from December, also comes equipped with a host of Wi-Fi functions. Users can release the camera’s shutter and set various shooting functions from a distance, browse and download recorded images and movies, and even share them with friends by uploading them to social networks and other websites – all via their smartphone.

Thanks to the combination of a state-of-the-art, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and a newly designed imaging engine, these new members of the WG-series promise brilliant, low-noise images, even when the user takes pictures of poorly illuminated scenes – like nightscapes and indoor sports events — using a top sensitivity of ISO 6400. The triple anti-shake protection also prevents blurred images, while six macro lights assist close-up shooting, with a Self-Portrait Assist mode.

With high-quality, high-resolution images with approximately 16.0 effective megapixels and Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) movie recording capability, the new WG-series models deliver effortless imaging– making them the outdoor companions!

Other features include:

  • A range of WG-series mount accessories (optional) for a variety of camera setups
  • Two remote control receptors (both front and back) to widen signal coverage
  • Macro stand (included) to maintain a minimum focusing distance of one centimetre to the subject during extended observation and shooting
  • High-speed Face Detection function to capture as many as 32 faces in focus in approximately 0.03 seconds (minimum); Smile Capture function to automatically release the shutter when the subject’s smile is detected
  • Outdoor-friendly Style Watch function displaying the time on the LCD monitor
  • Auto Picture mode to automatically select the most appropriate shooting mode from 16 different scene modes
  • A choice of 12 digital filters
  • Pet detection function to automatically detect the face of a cat or dog

Pricing and availability:

RRP: £229.99
Availability: early November

RRP: £259.99
Availability: early January

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