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[Press Release] Kamera Terbaru Sony RX100 Mark V dengan 315 Titik PDAF dan AF 0.05 Detik

Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V, Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V, Image Credit : Sony

Sony selain mengumumkan a6500 juga merilis versi terbaru dari seri RX100 yaitu Mark V. Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V tetap mempertahankan sensor 1 inci 20MP dan lensa 24-70mm F1.8-2.8, tetapi dengan menambahkan phase-detection AF untuk mencapai kecepatan fokus hingga 0,05 detik yang diklain sebagai tercepat di dunia. Selain itu juga ditambahkan front-end LSI untuk meningkatkan kecepatan operasi baca dan buffering.

Kamera Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V menawarkan apa yang Sony sebut ‘kinerja AF tingkat profesional’ ke dalam sensor baru dengan 315 titik phase-detection AF lebih dari 65% dari frame. RX100 Mark V sekarang menawarkan pengambilan gambar secara terus-menerus hingga 24 fps pada resolusi penuh 20.1MP dengan AF dan AE (auto exposure) hingga 150 frame untuk JPEG + RAW. Itu setara dengan frame rate film dengan definisi resolusi yang lebih tinggi.

Fitur video Sony RX100 Mark V juga ditingkatkan mampu untuk merekam UHD 4K (5028 x 2828 pixel). Ini berarti oversamples dengan 1.3x pada setiap dimensi (1.7x keseluruhan), akan mampu memberikan rekaman 4K yang sangat rinci. Sensor pembacaan juga semakin cepat berkat LSI berarti lebih sedikit rolling shutter di video 4K video, kamera ini semakin dekat dengan shutter global.

Kamera ini mampu mempertahankan PDAF selama video shooting, tapi sayangnya tidak ada touchscreen. Mod slow mo 960 fps dan semua mode slow motion lainnya juga tersedia dengan durasi hingga 8 detik gerakan lambat hingga 40x pada 960 fps. S-log2 / S-Gamut dan Profil Picture juga tersedia untuk videographers, seperti 1080/120p.

Shutter elektronik aAnti-distorsi’ tersedia hingga kecepatan 1/32000 detik. LCD 3″ 1229k-dot (belum touchscreen) dapat dimirinkan penuh 180 derajat ke atas dan 45 derajat ke bawah. RX100 V mempertahankan viewfinder pop-up dengan panel OLED 2.4M-dot. Koneksi Wi-Fi tersedia dengan menambahkan fungsi dapat membaca kode QR untuk membantu membuat koneksi nirkabel ketika NFC tidak bisa.

Kamera RX100 Mk V akan tersedia pada bulan Oktober dengan harga USD $1000. Berikut spesifikasi, preview, gambar dan press release-nya.

Spesifikasi Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V

  • Sensor 20.1MP 1″ Exmor RS BSI CMOS
  • Prosesor gambar BIONZ X & Front-End LSI
  • Video Internal UHD 4K & S-Log2 Gamma
  • Lensa Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 (35mm Equivalent)
  • Sistem AF Fast Hybrid dengan 315 Points PDAF
  • Mode HFR untuk video Full HD hingga 960 fps
  • EVF 0.39″ 2.36m-Dot OLED Pop-Up
  • LCD 3.0″ 1.23m-Dot 180° Tilting
  • ISO 12800
  • Continuous shot 24 fps

Preview, Hands On dan First Impression

Gambar Kamera Sony RX100 V

Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (depan), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (depan), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (popup EVF), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (popup EVF), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (selfie LCD), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (selfie LCD), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (belakang), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (belakang), Image Credit : Sony


Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (atas), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (atas), Image Credit : Sony


Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (atas lensa expand), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (atas lensa expand), Image Credit : Sony


Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (belakang popup EVF), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (belakang popup EVF), Image Credit : Sony


Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (samping), Image Credit : Sony
Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V (samping), Image Credit : Sony


Press Release Sony RX100 Mark V

Sony Announces New Addition to Acclaimed Line of Cyber-shot® RX Cameras

New Compact RX100 V Model Boasts World’s Fastest AF Speed1, World’s Most AF Points and World’s Fastest Continuous Shooting1 for a Compact Camera1

NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2016 – Sony – a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer – has today announced a new flagship model for their popular Cyber-shot RX100 series of compact cameras, the RX100 V (model DSC-RX100M5).

The exciting new camera brings a new level of AF performance and speed to today’s compact camera market. It is equipped with a Fast Hybrid AF system with the world’s fastest AF acquisition1 at 0.05 seconds2 and world’s highest number of AF points on sensor1 with 315 points covering approximately 65% of the frame. The camera can also shoot continuously at speeds of up to 24 fps3 – the world’s fastest for a compact camera1 – at full 20.1 MP (approx. effective) resolution with AF/AE tracking for up to 150 continuous shots4.

The RX100 V is equipped with a newly developed 1.0-type stacked Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor with a DRAM chip, a ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70 mm5 F1.8 – 2.8 large aperture lens and an enhanced image processing system with a new front-end LSI chip that maximizes processing speed, expands the memory buffer and optimizes image quality, in particular at high ISO settings. The camera also features 4K video recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning6, super slow motion recording at up to 960 fps7 with extended recording time and more.

“Featuring a level of power and performance that has never before been achieved in a compact, the new RX100 V redefines what it means to be a ‘pocket camera’,” said Neal Manowitz, Vice President of Digital Imaging at Sony Electronics. “This camera is yet another example of Sony innovating to a level far beyond what exists in the conventional marketplace.”

Fast Focusing, Fast Shooting

A first for Sony’s RX100 series of cameras, the new RX100 V model features a Fast Hybrid AF system that combines the respective advantages of focal-plane phase detection AF and contrast detection AF and ultimately enables the camera to lock focus in as little as 0.05 seconds2. This high speed focusing is a perfect complement to the 315 dedicated AF points that cover 65% of the sensor, and ensures that shooters will be able to capture their intended subject with high speed and accuracy, even if it’s moving rapidly in unpredictable directions.

Additionally, processing speed has been greatly enhanced through the addition of a front-end LSI that perfectly supports the camera’s BIONZ X® image processing engine. These two components combined with the powerful AF system allow the camera to shoot continuously at speeds of up to 24 fps 3 at full 20.1 MP (approx. effective) resolution for up to 150 shots4 with AF/AE tracking. Viewfinder blackout between shots has also been minimized in this high-speed shooting mode, which greatly improves photographers’ ability to follow fast action and capture the decisive moment. Silent shooting is also available in these high-speed modes as well8.

Other advancements to AF performance on the new RX100 V include the addition of AF-A mode, which allows the camera to automatically switch between continuous and single-shot AF modes. Users can also manually select if they’d like the continuous AF and phase detection AF areas to be displayed live on screen while they are framing a shot.

The RX100 V also has a high speed Anti-Distortion Shutter (maximum speed of 1/32000 second) that minimizes the “rolling shutter” effect commonly experienced with fast moving subjects. This fast shutter speed also allows the camera to capture sharp, crystal clear images with a wide open aperture at brightness levels up to EV199. Shooting at wide aperture with the fast shutter speed allows photographers and videographers to capture beautiful content with sharply focused subjects and defocused backgrounds under some of the most difficult, bright lighting conditions.

New on the RX100 V, users can freely select the initial magnification ratio when shooting in a mode with Focus Magnifier, and can select between “focus point” and “center of display” for the location of Focus Magnifier.

Professional Movie Functionality

The pocket-friendly RX100 V is packed with a variety of video capabilities that will satisfy even the most demanding video enthusiasts.

With Fast Hybrid AF, the focal plane phase detection AF sensor ensures accurate focusing and tracking performance, even for the severe focusing requirements of 4K movie shooting. AF drive speed and AF tracking sensitivity can also be adjusted via the menu system, giving shooters plenty of flexibility based on their focusing preferences.

In 4K mode 6, the new RX100 V utilizes full pixel readout without pixel binning to ensure that all the finer details of 4K video are captured with minimal moire and ‘jaggies’. These high-quality results are achieved through use of the XAVC S codec, which records video at a high data rate of up to 100 Mbps during 4K recording and 50 Mbps during full HD shooting10.

Additional professional caliber video features include Picture Profile, S-Log2/S-Gamut, 120p HD Full HD mode and more. Users also have the ability to manually select a frame from a recorded movie and save it as a still image file of approximately 8 MP during 4K shooting or 2 MP during HD shooting.

The RX100 V is able to record super-slow motion video7 at up to 40x slower than the standard rate, and can do this for about twice as long as the RX100 IV model. This extended time allowing users to capture a series of high-speed, fleeting moments of action with incredible detail, resolution and clarity.

Prior to shooting, users will have the ability to choose among 960fps, 480fps and 240 fps frame rates and among 60p, 30p and 24p playback formats to optimize the recording to fit the speed of the moving subject, with the option to use the movie record button as a ‘start trigger’ to begin recording once button is pressed or ‘end trigger’ to record footage up until the button is pressed.

Pocket-Friendly Design, Premium Performance

The new RX100 V maintains the convenient pocket-sized design of the remainder of the RX100 family and is equipped with a high-contrast 2.35 million dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder™, ensuring true-to-life image preview and playback functionality. The EVF conveniently retracts in and out of the camera body based on user preference, and features optics with ZEISS® T* Coating.

The new camera is also Wi-Fi® and NFC™ compatible and can access Sony’s growing range of PlayMemories Camera Applications. Learn more at

Another convenient addition is the ability for users to freely set the leading three characters of saved file names for easier sorting and organization.

There will also be a new underwater housing (model MPK-URX100A) that will be available as a separate accessory for the RX100 V and all other RX100 series cameras. Designed exclusively to fit the RX100 cameras, the housing features a depth level of 40m/130ft.

Pricing and Availability

The new Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V (model DSC-RX100M5) compact camera will ship this month for about $1,000 US and $1,250 CA.

The new underwater housing (model MPK-URX100A) will ship in November for about $350 US and $450 CA.

Both products will be sold at a variety of Sony authorized dealers throughout North America.

A variety of exclusive stories and exciting new content shot with the new RX100 V camera and other Sony products can be found at , Sony’s community site built to educate, inspire and showcase all fans and customers of the Sony α brand.

Harga Kamera Sony RX100 Mark V

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