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[Press Release] Fujifilm X100T, Kamera Kompak Dengan Hybrid Viewfinder Parallax

Fujifilm X100T=, Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T=, Image Credit Fujifilm

Diupdate dalam rumor ini hingga beberapa kali, akhirnya Fujifilm merilis X100T, evolusi terbaru dari kamera kompak X-series yang cukup populer dikalangan fotografer antusias. Diperkenalkan dalam model ini adalah Hybrid Viewfinder diperbarui yang mencakup fitur EVF baru dan kontrol kecerahan secara otomatis. Fujifilm X100T membawa sensor CMOS APS-C 16MP X-Trans II yang sama dengan pendahulunya (X100S) serta lensa fixed 23mm (35mm equiv) F/2 juga tidak ada perubahan. Spesifikasi LCD ditingkatkan dari X100S, dengan X100T yang menawarkan LCD 3″ 1.04M dot.

Fujifilm X100T sedikit diperbarui di bagian kontrol eksternal termasuk tombol kompensasi eksposur yang lebih luas ± 3, ring/cincin aperture dengan 1/3 langkah dan tujuh tombol Fn yang bisa disetting sesuai kebutuhan. Mode simulasi film juga ditambahkan ‘Classic Chrome’ yang pertama kali dikenalkan di X30, untuk tone warna kalem dan reproduksi warna yang mendalam.

Kamera X100T ini tersedia dalam warna Black dan Silver, dengan harga USD $ 1300 tersedia pada pertengahan November. Berikut adalah spesifikasi detail, preview, gambar dan press release-nya.

Spesifikasi Fujifilm X100T

  • Sensor CMOS 16MP X-Trans II (phase detect AF on-sensor)
  • Lensa 35mm setara f/2
  • Hybrid EVF 2,3 juta dot dengan advanced overlays pada mode optical
  • LCD 3.0 “1.04M dot (720 x 480 piksel)
  • Mode makro 10cm
  • Built-in Wi-Fi dengan fungsi remote control
  • Rear command dial
  • 7 tombol Fn yang bisa disetting
  • Menu Q Customizable
  • Built-in ND filter
  • Modus shutter elektronik opsional (meningkatkan kecepatan rana maksimum 1/32000 detik)
  • Mode simulasi film klasik Chrome ‘
  • Video 1080p pada 60, 50, 30, 25 dan 24fps
  • Kontrol eksposur untuk film
  • Input mic stereo (2.5mm-jenis)

Preview, Hands On dan First Impression Fujifilm X100T

  • Website khusus Fujifilm X100T
  • Foto sample di website resmi Fuji
  • First look oleh Zack Arias di dedpxl 
  • First look oleh the-owl
  • Preview di Dpreview
  • First Impression oleh Imaging-resource

Gambar dan Video Fujifilm X100T

Fujifilm X100T (Black & Silver), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (Black & Silver), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (Belakang), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (Belakang), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (full manual control dial), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (full manual control dial), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (Atas), Image Credit Fujifilm
Fujifilm X100T (Atas), Image Credit Fujifilm
Mode Optical dengan Advanced Overlay, Image Credit Fujifilm
Mode Optical dengan Advanced Overlay, Image Credit Fujifilm

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Press Release Fujifilm X100T


X100T Features Electronic Rangefinder, improved ergonomics, and new ‘Classic Chrome’ Film Simulation for intensely colored photos

Valhalla, N.Y., September 10, 2014 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the new FUJIFILM X100T, a premium compact, fixed lens camera designed for photographers looking for the ultimate in image quality, performance and functionality. The X100T comes newly equipped with an advanced Hybrid Viewfinder with an Electronic Rangefinder that now gives users reduced display lag times, automatic brightness controls and a Natural Live View shooting display.

The new FUJIFILM X100T blends award-winning image quality with a renowned design that gives enthusiast and professional photographers the most important controls and functions at their fingertips. The X100T combines the resolution and power of the APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor and EXR Processor II with a bright FUJINON 23mm F2 fixed lens for optical excellence.

And to give photographers a new type of film simulation to work with, the X100T ships with Fujifilm’s new ‘Classic Chrome’ film simulation that delivers muted tones and deep color reproduction for beautifully dramatic images.

Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder with Electronic Rangefinder

The FUJIFILM X100T uses an improved Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder with Electronic Rangefinder that allows focusing as if using a mechanical rangefinder. While in optical viewfinder mode, pushing the OVF / EVF switching lever to the left will switch the viewfinder to electronic rangefinder mode. Additionally, Focus Peak Highlight and Digital Split Image can be selected, and the magnification of the focused area can be changed. Compared to the X100S, the frame coverage in the X100T has been increased from 90% to 92%, and the field of view can now be accurately checked closer to the actual subject. The X100T also uses Real-time parallax correction for more accurate image composition. Reframing after bringing the image into focus is no longer necessary, allowing for a seamless shooting experience.

Photographers also now have access to Shooting Effect Reflection settings within the Hybrid Viewfinder to recreate selected camera effects, including Film Simulations. When turned off, users can see the natural view. The image within the finder is displayed at the maximum frame when shooting under dim light and dark areas such as night scenes, enabling shooting while looking at a smooth image, all while greatly reducing display lag time.

Range of controls expanded, upgraded body

The FUJIFILM X100T now allows photographers to set the aperture to 1/3 steps using the aperture ring, while the exposure compensation dial has been extended to ±3 stops. Also, the command lever has been changed to a command dial, and through the adoption of a 4-way controller to improve operability. The X100T is also now equipped with 7 customizable Fn buttons for a truly personal shooting experience.

The FUJIFILM X100T has an upgraded body that is die-cast magnesium on the top surface and bottom of the body for a highly durable and functional design. The X100T’s aperture ring, shutter speed dial, and exposure compensation dial now have a groove shaped pattern for an improved feel and grip. The X100T also features a high-definition 1.04M-dot 3″ LCD has for extraordinary visibility.

New “Classic Chrome” film simulation

Fujifilm’s unprecedented image quality has been cultivated through the development of photographic films over the past 80 years and helps to reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees, just as photographers remember the scene. The X100T ships with the new ‘Classic Chrome’ film simulation mode, which delivers muted tones and deep color reproduction.

FUJIFILM X100T key features:

  • 16.3MP APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF / EVF) equipped with an Electronic Rangefinder
  • – Intelligent Hybrid AF in 0.08 seconds
  • – Fast start-up time of 0.5 seconds
  • – Shutter time lag of 0.01 seconds
  • – Shooting interval of 0.5 seconds
  • FUJINON 23mm (35mm in 35mm format Equivalent) F2 lens in 8 glass elements in 6 groups with FUJINON’s proprietary HT-EBC coating
  • ND filter equivalent to 3 stops of aperture
  • High speed continuous shooting of 6fps (25 frames continuously in JPEG at full resolution)
  • Completely electronic shutter up to 1/32000 seconds
  • High-definition 1.04M-dot 3″ LCD
  • NEW ‘Classic Chrome’ and other film simulation modes
  • Macro mode to 3.9″ (10cm)
  • Focus Peaking function and Digital Split Image display
  • Full HD video 1080p at 60fps; bit rate of 36Mbps for clear capture of delicate movements; frame rates of 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps, supporting worldwide motion picture formats
  • Manual focus available during video recording
  • Free FUJIFILM Camera Remote application and Wireless Communication function allows users to remotely shoot images from smartphones and tablets via WiFi
  • Photos can be sent to the INSTAX Share Printer using the free INSTAX Share App (iOS and Android) SHARE Smartphone Printer
  • Output for Stereo Microphone
  • Interval timer shooting (1 second to 24 hours up to 999 frames)

FUJIFILM X100T Accessories:

  • NEW Hand Grip MHG-X100 for increased grip; possible to swap the battery and media while the grip is attached to the camera; tripod screw hole can be placed in the optical axis center, and the base parts are equipped with a 38mm width dovetail protrusion plate
  • Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100 dedicated wide conversion lens for expanding the field of view by multiplying the fixed focal length by approximately 0.8x, converting it to 28mm (35mm format equivalent)
  • Tele-conversion Lens TCL-X100a dedicated tele-conversion lens for narrowing the field of view by multiplying the fixed focal length by approximately 1.4x, converting it to 50mm (35mm format equivalent)
  • Leather Case LC-X100S that allows users to swap the battery and media when the case is attached to the camera
  • External Stereo Microphone MIC-ST1 to record a realistic voice along with high-quality, smooth, Full HD videos

The FUJIFILM X100T will be available in Silver and all Black in mid-November 2014 for USD $1299.95 CAD $1399.99.


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