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Update Kamera Vlog Sony ZV-1 (ZV1) Bocoran Foto dan Press Release

Sony ZV-1, Aksesoris Gimbal
Sony ZV-1, Aksesoris Gimbal

Per Tanggal 28 Mei 2020, kamera Sony ZV-1 telah dirilis resmi, berikut adalah detail spesifikasi, gambar dan review singkat :

Seperti yang dirumorkan sebelumnya bahwa Sony akan meluncurkan kamera kompak yang dikhususkan untuk vlogging. Kamera tersebut dinamakan sebagai ZV-1. Berikut bocoran foto-fotonya dari Nokishita. Rencananya kamera tersebut akan diumumkan pada 26 Mei 2020.

Sony ZV-1 adalah kamera digital 20.1MP yang dirancang khusus untuk vloggers dan pembuat konten. Fiturnya salah satunya adalah sensor CMOS 1.0-jenis stacked dan AF super cepat untuk gambar berkualitas tinggi dan video 4K.

Lensa fixed zoom 24-70mm sangat cocok untuk foto potret dan foto wide. Stabilisasi gambar membantu menjaga foto dan video bebas goncangan sehingga menyebabkan blur. Memiliki genggaman yang ergonomis, nyaman plus layar LCD vari-angle 3-inci dengan lampu rekam, yang menjadikan pemotretan selfie sangat mudah.

Beberapa aksesoris ZV-1 tersedia untuk mendukung vlogging seperti external microphone untuk kualitas suara yang sempurna dan electronic gimbal untuk pengambilan video dengan mulus tanpa goncangan.

Gambar Kamera Sony ZV-1

Press Release Sony ZV-1

The Sony ZV-1 is a 20.1MP digital camera specifically designed for vloggers and content creators. It features a 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor and super-fast AF for high quality images and 4K video. The 24-70mm zoom lens is perfect for both portraits and wide-angle shooting. The Image stabilisation helps to keep your photos and videos blur free. It has an ergonomic, comfortable grip plus a 3-inch vari-angle LCD screen with recording lamp, which makes selfie-shooting very easy.

The ZV-1 is designed around the needs of vloggers and content creators, and focusses on intuitive controls for vlog & video creation. The vari-angle screen ensures selfie-shooting is easy enabling you to check your framing while shooting. The grip provides a comfortable and secure way of holding the camera.

A directional 3-capsule Microphone utilises technology from Sony’s advanced video camera systems to deliver high quality sound capturing performance and noise reduction in full-stereo. In addition, a wind screen that greatly reduces wind noise in outdoor conditions is supplied. A 3.5mm input jack is also onboard in case additional mics need to be added.

Get leading-edge movie AF for vlogging. Developed for the interchangeable-lens camera Alpha series, Real-time Eye AF locks on and tracks subjects with high accuracy and speed. It uses AI-based subject recognition technology to detect eye information in real-time, allowing people’s eyes to be recognised and tracked, even when shooting 4K movies.

Soft Skin Effect enables you to reduce skin wrinkles and marks while ensuring you preserve skin-tones and the sharpness of eyes and mouths. Skin tones are optimised for both movies and stills to deliver ideal subject emphasis when using your vlogging camera for YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. Finally, an original face priority AE algorithm – detects the face and adjusts the exposure to ensure it is depicted at optimal brightness, even during selfie-shooting scenes with large light-dark changes.

By simply pressing the Bokeh Switch (C1), even without a deep knowledge of cameras and video, you can obtain the blurred background effect. Another simple operation – Product Showcase Setting – enables the focus to shift rapidly from your face to a product or object being held up to the lens without having to hide your face. Easy to use this can be abled by the press of a single button (C2). Perfect for product review videos.

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