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[RK3] New Sony RX20 to Answer Panasonic FZ1000 ?

Sony was forced to react quickly respond to new prosumer camera Panasonic FZ1000. Anonymous source of SAR (SonyAlphaRumors.com) says that Sony will release the Sony RX20 in mid-October 2014. This camera will use the same 20.1 MP sensor sized 1″, the lens is equally 24-200mm F/2.8. For the body there is a bit of upgrading/improvement¬†in therm of¬†ergonomic.

Sony RX20 supports 4K video recording, with XAVC-S Codec as AX100, 1080p frame rate remains the same, but the 720p allows to capture up to 120fps slow motion. RX20’s price USD $1300 and Sony still maintaining the previous series, Sony RX10, on the market at a cheaper price USD $ 100-200. This news has not been confirmed, because with similar features, the Panasonic FZ1000 sold at a lot cheaper price at USD $899.

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